Thomas Jacks Professional is a dedicated distributor of optical solutions including thermal imaging, digital night vision, and multispectral devices from industry-leading brands such as Pulsar, Pixfra, and Immersive Optics; along with specialist protective gear from Direct Action, 4M Tactical, and many others.

Working closely with our customers — including the Ministry of Defence, Police Forces, Fire, Rescue and Ambulance Services, the Environment Agency, and other Government agencies — we ensure that they receive a product that matches (or exceeds) their requirements. Our customer commitment and the close working relationships we have with each of the brands we distribute means that we have established an enviable reputation of supplying — on time and within budget — COTS, MOTS, and custom solutions that matches our end-users’ specific operational requirements.




Fujinon Binoculars

Day or night, rain or shine, Fujinon’s powerful, high-tech binoculars are designed to offer crystal-clear images whilst remaining comfortable in the hand over long periods of observation. Their range includes compact, large-format, long-range, and night vision binoculars — making Fujinon the perfect choice for all types of surveillance operations.


Due to the sensitive nature and restrictions placed on military-grade equipment, especially those that are ITAR (International Trade in Arms Regulations) controlled, a great deal of what we offer to the law enforcement and military community can only be supplied directly to the end-user. Some unrestricted products can be supplied through trade partners who demonstrate a history of working directly with law enforcement and military customers, and can evidence the reporting and compliance procedures we require. If you have any questions about the certifications shown above, please get in touch here.


Thomas Jacks Becomes Pixfra’s Exclusive UK & ROI Distributor

Reading Time: 3 minutes An exciting new brand has arrived at Thomas Jacks. We’re pleased to announce we are now the exclusive UK & ROI distributor of Pixfra —…

Behind Closed Doors: Take a Look Inside the Pulsar Factories

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Trip of a Lifetime Back in May, Tim Pilbeam of Fieldsports Channel TV and our very own Tom of Thomas Jacks were lucky enough to take a peek behind the closed doors of Pulsar’s European operation as they visited the Latvian and Lithuanian factories. Take a look at this in-depth video and discover Pulsar’s….

All You Need to Know About Pulsar’s Firmware Update 3.1.001

Reading Time: 2 minutes Enabling Greater Accuracy Through Stream Vision Ballistics The release of Pulsar’s firmware update 3.1.001 introduces the ability to pair the Thermion 2 LRF XQ50 Pro and Thermion 2 LRF XG50 thermal imaging riflescopes to the new Stream Vision Ballistics app. Designed to provide users with precise ballistic….

Game Changing Pulsar Releases from IWA 2023

Reading Time: 6 minutes This March saw Pulsar launch an incredible new array of products at IWA OutdoorClassics 2023 in Nuremburg, German; from upgraded thermal imaging front attachments to new additions in the Merger and Axion 2 series. Plus, the most exciting announcement of from the show: Pulsar’s first upgradeable……


The Mile 2 series is the latest offering from Pixfra. Featuring eight thermal imaging monoculars, this series offers incredible entry-level prices and a professional grade performance.

With 3 sensor options and 5 powerful lens options available, each device in the range will achieve excellent thermal imagery and will boast detection ranges reaching up to 1800m.

Most noticeably, the Mile 2 series has been designed to remain sleek and stylish, with a low-profile design that seamlessly incorporates the power button into the Pixfra logo on the side of the monocular, allowing for a streamlined button arrangement along the top, with just three buttons needed to control every digital function.

There’s so much more to the Mile 2 series, so check out our first impressions as Dave takes the Mile 2 M625 — the top-end iteration — into the field.

For more information on the Mile 2 series, click the link in our bio to visit our website.

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Take a look at our first through-the-lens footage of the incredible new Pixfra Mile 2 M625! With eight devices in the range, the Mile 2 series starts at an incredible £499.95, but don’t let its price tag fool you… their prices may be entry level, but their performance is nothing short of pro-grade!

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The National Shooting Show 2024 is TOMORROW!

As proud sponsors of Gunmakers’ Hall, we’ll be attending all weekend and offering hands-on demonstrations of all the latest thermal imaging, digital night vision, and multispectral from Pulsar, including the all-new Merger Duo NXP50 multispectral binoculars and the incredible Thermion 2 LRF XL50 HD thermal riflescope.

Find out more or book tickets here: https://www.nationalshootingshow.co.uk/

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The Talion series is one of the most compact and lightweight thermal imaging riflescopes from Pulsar, and it is always a popular device at all of our trade shows. But what is the difference between the two models in the series?

We take a look at the Talion XQ35 Pro and the Talion XG35 in the field, demonstrating what each scope is capable of and allowing you to make an informed decision when it comes to buying your next favourite thermal riflescope.

Find out more about the Talion series on our website at the link in our bio.

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The Security Event 2024 kicks off tomorrow! Join us on stand 5/F115 for hands-on demos of all the latest optics and gear designed to bolster your security and surveillance efforts. We’ll be exhibiting some of the latest devices from Pixfra, with devices designed to significantly enhance your night-time observation capabilities without breaking the bank.

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With the release of firmware update 3.3, Pulsar brings optional distance input to LRF equipped Thermion 2 riflescopes. Just like the previously released V3.3 update for non-LRF models, this firmware update enables more precise shooting whilst providing them with a wider choice of options.

This firmware update includes:

🔵 Manual distance input for ballistic calculations
🔵 Ability to change SPOA settings: Changing the reticle colour, Deactivating the SPOA via double click
🔵 Display dimming for more comfortable observation
🔵 Battery saving auto-off function when the device is inactive for 30 mins
🔵 Updated battery indicator in the status bar
🔵 New languages added: Bulgarian, Finnish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Ukrainian

Find out more here: https://thomasjacks.co.uk/greater-versatility-and-ballistic-options-for-thermion-2-lrf-riflescopes/

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Join us at The Security Event 2024 from April 30-May 2 at the NEC, Birmingham! We’ll be offering hands-on demos of all the latest gear designed to bolster your security and surveillance efforts, including intuitive wireless security cameras from Vosker.

These cameras use LTE cellular connectivity to ensure 24/7 surveillance of hard-to-reach spots with little to no cellular reception.

We’ll also be exhibiting devices and products from other industry-leading brands, including thermal imaging devices from Pulsar and Pixfra, and digital night vision devices from SiOnyx.

Join us on the Thomas Jacks stand in Hall 5 to see what we have to offer. You can find out more info or book your tickets at this link: https://www.thesecurityevent.co.uk/

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The release of firmware update 3.3 for Digex and Thermion Duo models introduces ballistic calculations to some of the most popular riflescopes in the Pulsar range without built-in rangefinders, with Stream Vision Ballistics now compatible with the Digex C50 digital night vision riflescope and the Thermion Duo DXP50 & DXP55 multispectral riflescopes.

Find out more on our website at the link in our bio.

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Firmware update 2.5 for the Merger series introduces some important new features designed to enhance an already stellar performance. This update is compatible with the entire Merger LRF line already on the market, and the new Merger LRF XP35 will ship with firmware version 2.5 installed out of the box. This firmware update is available now and can be installed using the Stream Vision 2 app.

Find out more on our website at the link in our bio.

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The release of the latest firmware update from Pulsar (version 3.3) introduces Stream Vision Ballistics to Thermion riflescope models without built-in laser rangefinders, enabling all the incredible features of this intuitive app via the activation of Bluetooth technology within these devices and changing the landscape for even more hunters.

This update brings Stream Vision Ballistics to:

🔵 Thermion 2 XP50 Pro
🔵 Thermion 2 XQ50 Pro
🔵 Thermion 2 XQ35 Pro
🔵 Thermion 2 XG50

Find out more on our website at the link in our bio.

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The National Shooting Show 2024 is fast approaching. As proud sponsors of Gunmakers’ Hall, we’ll be attending all weekend and offering hands-on demonstrations of all the latest thermal imaging, digital night vision, and multispectral from Pulsar, including the all-new Merger Duo NXP50 multispectral binoculars and the incredible Thermion 2 LRF XL50 HD thermal riflescope.

Join us from 11-12 May at the Yorkshire Event Centre.

Find out more or book tickets here: https://www.nationalshootingshow.co.uk/

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