KinetiXx® X-Buthus



Ideal for pilots or for use in operations where extreme dexterity is required, the X-Buthus glove from Kinetixx achieves a comfortable fit through its ergonomic design and the use of soft and lightweight materials.

Digital leather reinforcements on the palm and back of the glove help to maintain reliable grip and tactility, and cushioning at the base of the thumb allows for greater comfort and flexibility.

Features a detachable trigger finger and an extended cuff with leather insert to protect the wrist and forearm.

Touchscreen capabilities allow the user to operate smartphones or other touchscreen equipment easily, without needing to remove the glove.

  • Abrasion Resistance: 2 (EN 388)
  • Coupe Test Cut Resistance: 1 (EN 388)
  • Tear Resistance: 1 (EN 388)
  • Puncture Resistance: 2 (EN 388)


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