With everything you could need to stay both comfortable and protected during strenuous and challenging operations, our range of clothing and gear features products from brands including Direct Action, 4M Tactical, Alien Gear, United Shield International, Crib Gogh, Point Blank, BLOC Tactical Eyewear, KinetiXx, and W+R. The range includes protective gear, such as plate carriers and helmets; load carriage and weapon storage, including ammo pouches, backpacks, holsters, and belts; clothing, including t-shirts, shirts, vests, jackets, and trousers; and tactical gear, including foldable stretchers. Scroll down to browse through our available products, but please note: not everything we sell is available to the public, so you may not be able to see our full range without the correct credentials. If you do not see what you need and wish to obtain a login, please get in touch.

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