Adventure Lights Guardian™ Dog Light


The Guardian Dog Light is a lightweight, incredibly durable, omnidirectional LED safety light easily clips to dog leads, harnesses, and collars.

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Reverse polarity switching technology allows the Guardian Dog Light to seamlessly switch between steady-on or flashing mode by removing the optical dome and flipping the battery to choose the desired effect. Each battery offers 250 hours of operation in flashing mode, or 11 hours in steady-on mode.

Incredibly rugged and durable, this ultra-compact LED safety light can operate effectively in extreme temperatures — between -20 to +60°C — and is even waterproof down to 100 metres.

The Guardian Dog Light uses patented omnidirectional optics to distribute light over all sides of the unit, ensuring your dog is as visible as possible in every situation.

Comes provided with convenient accessories, including an attachable belt clip and 8.5” Velcro strap for dog collars.

Available in red, blue, yellow, green, or white.


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