Pulsar Krypton 2 XQ35


Introducing the Next Chapter for the Krypton Series

The new Krypton 2 XQ35 thermal imaging monocular ushers in the next stage in the Krypton series’ evolution, with a sensitive 384×288, 17 µm, <25 mK NETD thermal sensor that guarantees crisp and incredibly detailed thermal imagery at an astonishing range of up to 1300m.


High Definition Thermal Imaging

The next generation Krypton 2 XQ35 thermal imaging monocular features a highly sensitive 384×288, 17 µm, <25 mK NETD thermal sensor, which, when working with the extremely powerful 35mm f1.0 fast aperture germanium objective lens, will provide stunning thermal imagery and an astonishing detection range of up to 1300m in complete darkness.

These powerful optics will enable a user to easily identify an animal and their anatomical features, along with the most minute of details (such as branches, leaves, grass, and terrain) in any weather conditions — working effectively in heavy rain, dense fog, snow, and in environments with high levels of humidity.

Full-HD AMOLED Display

Thermal imagery is presented in crystal-clear detail onto the Krypton 2 XQ35’s new full-HD AMOLED display, offering a high-contrast picture along with a wide dynamic range and energy saving characteristics. This display’s fast response time ensures an image that remains smooth and observed objects that are well-defined even when in motion or when the device is used in freezing conditions.

Sensitivity Amplification Levels

The Krypton 2 XQ35 offers three sensitivity amplification levels, which, when combined with their new filtration algorithms with fine brightness and contrast adjustments, offer greater identification capabilities in adverse weather conditions and in challenging environments. These sensitivity amplification settings help to better define an animal’s trophy features whilst presenting better rendering of objects and background in the visible field of view.

Bluetooth Remote Control

The ergonomically designed Pulsar BT wireless Bluetooth remote control duplicates the buttons found on the side of this thermal imaging monocular, allowing users to activate all of the most used functions with ease, and a rotating and pressable encoder enables fast device adjustments and menu navigation. This remote control can be used with both gloved and bare hands, and makes operation of the device especially convenient for left-handed users.

Magnesium Alloy Housing

A rugged magnesium alloy bodyshell protects the Krypton 2 XQ35 from scrapes, drops, bumps, shocks, and heavy vibration loads whilst working as a heatsink, increasing the operational stability of the device by effectively dissipating any heat caused by the internal electronics.

Adding to its robust characteristics and enhancing its ability to perform well in a myriad of weather and environmental conditions, this thermal imaging front attachment is also IPX7 rated — protecting the device from any water ingress and ensuring it remains operational after a dunk in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes.

This thermal imaging monocular will remain fully operational in extreme temperatures, providing a reliable performance and excellent thermal informativity in both freezing temperatures reaching down to -25°C and in environments exceeding +50°C.

Extended Battery Life

With a rechargeable IPS7 Li-ion battery, the Krypton 2 XQ35 boasts an operation time of up to 11 hours (depending on temperature) — keeping the device running for extended periods of observation and easily remaining operational the whole night through on just a single charge.

8 Colour Palettes

Discover a choice of eight colour palettes designed to optimise the observation experience by allowing the device to adapt to specific tasks and achieve the best possible image in ever-changing environments.

For object detection, White Hot, Black Hot, and Red Hot are most effective; Rainbow and Ultramarine is best for object recognition and identification; and Red Monochrome, Sepia, and Violet are most suitable for long observation periods in darkness.

Built-In Still Image & Video Recording

Capture every single memorable moment at just the touch of a button with the Krypton 2 XQ35‘s built-in still image capture and video recording capabilities. The generous 16GB of on-board storage will allow for hours of video and tens of thousands of still images to be save directly onto the device. An additional 16GB of FREE Cloud storage is offered to all users upon registering to the Pulsar Stream Vision 2 app.

Dual-Band Wi-Fi

The Krypton 2 XQ35‘s dual-band Wi-Fi compliments the standard 2.4 GHz smartphone connection frequency range with an effective 5 GHz range, greatly improving the bandwidth — offering faster data transfer, better noise immunity, and improved connection stability. This results in a more productive, easier to use operation when connected to a smartphone.

Stream Vision 2

Connecting this thermal imaging monocular to the free Stream Vision 2 mobile app provides the user with a variety of intuitive features and functionalities, including the ability to use a mobile phone or tablet as a second screen, remote control of digital functions, viewing and sharing videos and still images, remotely installing all the latest firmware updates, and much more. What’s more, users will receive a generous 16GB of free cloud storage on which to keep their video recordings and still images. Among other intuitive functions, the Stream Vision 2 offers:

  • The ability to use a connected smart device as a wireless remote, so users can control and adjust the device settings. Users can then see all the changes made on the smartphone or tablet screen in real-time. Users are also able to record footage or take still images using the connected device.
  • The ability to browse through all photos and videos recorded on the Krypton 2 XQ35. Users can download and even share these files with friends.
  • The option to remotely update the Krypton 2 XQ35’s firmware, ensuring it is kept up to date and offering all of the latest features and functionalities.



Taking Thermal & Night Vision Outside of the UK.

Thermal imaging and night vision products are strictly controlled by ITAR regulations and are subject to UK Government Export Licensing Regulations. Dependent on specification, a licence may need to be obtained prior to the export, even temporarily (e.g. holiday), from the UK.

Additionally, some countries may be embargoed, and no thermal imagers or night vision devices can be taken or exported to them. It is the responsibility of the exporter, whether it be a company or individual, to ensure that such a licence is obtained.

Failure to comply is a criminal offence.

Click here for up-to-date information.


Sensor TypeUncooled
Sensor384 x 288, 17µm, <25mK NETD
Frame Rate50 Hz
Objective Lens35 mm f1.0
Magnification in Monocular Mode3x
Field of View10.7° x 8.0°
Display1920 x 1080 AMOLED HD
Detection Range1300 m
Video RecordingYes, with Audio
Still Image CaptureYes
Video / Photo Resolution (Pixels)912 x 688
Video / Photo Format.mp4 / .jpg
Built-In Memory16GB
Wireless StandardIEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac (WPA)
Wi-Fi Frequency2.4 GHz / 5 GHz
Wireless ProtocolBLE 4.2
Wireless StandardIEEE 802.15.1
Bluetooth Frequency2.4 GHz
Degree of Environmental Protection, IP Code (IEC60529)IPX7 (Waterproof)
Operating Temperature Range-25°С – +50°С
Max. Recoil Resistance on Rifled Weapon6000 Joules
Shock Resistance on Smooth Bore Rifles (Calibre)12
Remote ControlPulsar Bluetooth Remote (Included)
Supported ApplicationsStream Vision 2
Power Output Voltage3.0 – 4.2 V
Battery TypeIPS7 Li-Ion Battery Pack
Capacity6400 mAh
Operating Time on Battery Pack (at t=22°C)Up to 11 Hours
External Power Supply5V, 9V (USB Type-C Power Delivery)
Body MaterialMagnesium Alloy
Dimensions201 x 73 x 83 mm (with Pulsar 3x20B monocular)
Weight400 g (w/o Battery) / 540 g (w/ Battery)

What's In The Box

  • Krypton 2 XQ35 Thermal Imager
  • Pulsar 5×30 B Monocular
  • Carrying Case
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • IPS7 Battery Pack
  • Battery Pack Charger
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Lens-Cleaning Cloth
  • Warranty Card


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