Pulsar PSP-B Ring Adaptor


Quick & Easy Transitioning

The Pulsar PSP-B ring adaptors facilitate the quick removal and reattachment of Krypton 2 and Proton thermal imaging front attachments, with a precise screen positioning mechanism that ensures maximum comfort via the perfect alignment of the thermal image in the day optics’ field of view. Available in multiple sizes to fit almost any day optics. See the dropdown box to select each model.

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Mounting the thermal imaging front attachment to the PSP-B adaptor has been made nice and easy, and had removed the need for any specialist tools via its highly reliable four-point bayonet system, which ensures an incredibly secure fit. The attachment is then fixed onto the lens of traditional day optics via its retainer clip in just a few seconds, enabling fast transitioning from day optics to thermal imager, and vice versa.

Designed to last, the PSP-B ring adaptors are milled from aluminium, offering high levels of durability whilst remaining incredibly lightweight, and ensuring long-lasting reliability, even when mounted on large calibre hunting weapons. For an extra layer of reliability, these ring adaptors remain unaffected by extreme temperature differences, operating effectively in severely hot or frosty conditions without any adjustments required (when installed indoors).

These ring adaptors allow the Krypton 2 and Proton thermal imaging front attachments to be used with almost any daytime optical riflescope with a lens diameter of 40-56mm (monocular), as well as with riflescopes manufactured in the form of enclosed tubes with a 30mm dimeter (riflescopes used for driven hunting).

One of the supplied insert rings must be inserted into the adaptor before it can be mounted onto the lens of a daylight optical device (spotting scope, binocular, sight, etc.), and the selection of which ring adaptor to use can be determined by the outer diameter of the optical device’s lens housing.



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